Akko 3084B Plus Black Pink

৳ 9,000

  • 5-Pin Hot-swappable(except for Keys F1/F2 that are 3-pin due to bezel angle of Type-C connector);
  • Use the improved Akko Beken Plus multi-modes solution;
    Battery capacity: 3000mah (power consumption in wireless mode without backlit: 12ma)
    SMD LED RGB backlit;
    PCB foam + Case foam;
    5-pin TTC gaming hot-swappable socket;
    Software: Akko Cloud (supports audio visualizer in 2.4G mode);
    Comes with 20 novelty keys
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Akko 3084B Plus Black Pink

Switch Akko CS Jelly Pink/Akko CS Jelly Purple
Interface Wireless/Bluetooth/USB Type C
Macro Akko Macro V1.0
N-Key Rollover Supported
Disable Winlock Supported
Backlit RGB backlit
Hot-Swappable Yes
Model 3084B Plus
Dimensions 315*126*38mm
Weight Approximately 0.73KG
Material PBT Material
Profile ASA
Printing Technology Double Shot
Side-Printed N/A

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