Akko MOD007v3 HE Year of Dragon

৳ 20,000

  • The Limited Edition Akko  MOD007 V3 HE Year of Dragon Keyboard 
  • 8K Hz Polling Rate Wired USB-C Solution;
  • Cyan Chinese Dragon Theme with Cherry Profile Dye-Sub Keycaps;
  • Three Tone Anodized Aluminum Case;
  • Customizable Actuation Distance: 0.1mm~4.0mm;
  • Rapid Trigger: 0.1mm~2.5mm;
  • Dynamic Keystrokes (up to 4 actions);
  • Mod-Tap;
  • Toggle Key;
  • Bottom Deadzone Setting.
    Latest Firmware (as of 24/2/3): V109 
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Akko  MOD007 V3 HE Year of Dragon Keyboard 



Hall sensors are sensitive to temperature variations, resulting in potential significant changes to the magnetic field of the keyboard during transportation, influenced by temperature and environmental shifts (imagine shipping from California to Maine).

To optimize your typing experience, we recommend promptly upgrading to the latest firmware upon receiving the keyboard. Additionally, manually calibrate the keyboard through ‘About – Maximum Key Travel Calibration – Start Calibration’ by gently pressing every key.

Roar Mode

Roar Mode enhances your keyboard input speed by ensuring the fastest response from each key after activation. Please note that the backlight will be disabled in Roar Mode to ensure optimized performance. Additionally, Roar Mode may impact the input simulator.

*Click above to set up to four keys for Roar mode activation.


More powerful Magnetic Switches

Ultra-accurate typing experiences adjustable in 0.1mm.
Applying for the electromagnetic principle, operated by Hall effect sensing.

8k Hz Polling Rate 

Providing a global 8000Hz polling rate, this enhancement increases operational data sent per second to 8x, ensuring near-zero latency control.

FR4 & Copper Plate 

MOD 007 V3 HE Year of Dragon utilizes an pre-builded FR4 plate and a copper plate for a stiffer and higher-pitched sound profile.

Cyan Chinese Dragon Theme  

Cyan is a lucky color in Chinese culture, which represents hope and honor. In Chinese mythology, Cyan Dragon is in charge of the east section of the heave, the department of spring, nature and vital wood.

AKKO’s designers draw upon the elements of the Cyan Dragon as a foundation, refining and innovating.


Three Tone Anodization

The case undergoes an extremely intricate three tone anodization process. Enable the keyboard to have enhanced tactile sensation, be more durable, and scratch-resistant.

Toggle Key (TGL)

Tap the key to continuously trigger the key or turn this mode off. Press and hold the key for a regular key press. Click to set the key you want to use as toggle key.
Tapping the key can trigger it in two ways:
1) press and hold to automatically trigger the key
2) press and bold to trigger in a predetermined rounds


Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS)

Pressing a key can trigger four different key operations.
Depending on your keypress force: a light press triggers action 1, a deeper press activates action 2, and releasing the key also supports a two-stage key setting.

Rapid Trigger (RT)

Rapid Trigger removes any delay caused by the physical movement of the switch. Instead of relying on a fixed actuation like conventional mechanical keyboards, it immediately activates and deactivates the key with minimal travel, which is ideal for FPS gaming.


On-board Memory

Settings are stored on the hardware, and there is no need to activate the software in the background.


Mod Tap is a design that provides convenience for gaming. It enables the creation of dedicated or dual-functional keys based on key press behavior.

A single keypress can achieve two functions: holding down the key for one function, and press the key for another.


Deadzone Setting 

Deadzone represents an area that will not be triggered. With deadzone settings, you can customize the bottom deadzone according to your typing style and preferences, ensuring more precise releases.

PBT Dye-Sub Keycaps

With advanced 5-sided dye sublimation technology, the keycaps feature vibrant and colorful printing across every surface. Made from durable PBT materials, the legends will not fade easily.




Cream Yellow Magnetic

Type: Linear
Operating Force: 50 ± 10gf
Total Travel: 4.0mm
Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm

Detachable USB


Dragon Year Weight




Special Keys 


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