VXE R1 SE Multimode Mouse

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VXE R1 SE Multimode Mouse

VGN Dragonfly R1SE has been launched. These mice are ultralight and have a comfortable grip. The R1 SE has the PAW3395 SE which provides incredibly smooth tracking at 400 IPS and up to 18000 DPI. Perfect for playing a long gaming session with SmartSpeed high-speed wireless communication.

1. Sensor:  PAW3395 SE
2. Chip:  BK VGN Customized
3. Weight: 51g
4. Product size: 120.6mm * 64.0mm * 37.8mm
5. Polling Rate: 125~2000Hz [2K polling rate requires 2K receiver] 6. Battery: 250mAh
7. Battery life:  35 hours (1000hz)
9. Main Button Switches: Huano, 20 million
10. Scroll Wheel: Kailh GE Upgraded / TTC Silver Wheel
11. Feet: High-Speed PTFE Feet
12. Connection: Wired / 2.4G/ Bluetooth
2.4G Receiver: Standard Receiver
Transmission: Smart Speed X Wireless

Wireless Receiver*1 Charging/Data Paracord*1 Receiver Extension Adapter*1User Manual*1 Warranty Certificate*1

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